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We’re looking for data-driven, strategic thinkers to help us implement customized solutions for the development and growth of our business.

The Strategy & Operations (S&O) team is the engine that drives DoorDash forward, owning everything from building the initial hypotheses about a business to the final implementation and optimization. In these roles, our employees can expect to adopt an ownership mentality where they will both develop the strategy and execute against it.

About the Team

Our strategy & operations team focuses on launching new geographies and products, while building and testing the strategic plans at every step.

At our core, we are operators, which in practice means that we'll get to the lowest level of detail to ensure the business is set up for success. There are three main attributes that we continue to see from our very best S&O teammates:

Intellectual curiosity

  • There is so much to know about our business, from how our Merchants prepare orders to how our assignment logic works in Deep Red, and how Dashers perceive the value of a Dash.
  • Great operators want to know why our systems work the way they do, and the top performers question the status quo and look to make 1% better enhancements.

Operational excellence at the 1-foot and 50K foot levels

  • Our business operates in both the short and long-term (i.e., high quality orders need to be fulfilled today and how the space we are operating in changes over the next 12 months). Operators need to easily flex between both of those mindsets.
  • Great operators can tie their work back to the business to improve our platform overall.


  • There are a new set of challenges you’ll face everyday, and just when you think you have a hold on the state of the world, it changes.
  • Great operators understand that no problem is too big or too small, and our top performers are customer obsessed, breaking through any barrier to do the best for our Customers, Merchants, and Dashers.

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