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Working at DoorDash

No problem is too big, or too small

As we adapt to the ever-evolving working world, we’re making it a priority to listen to our team members.

We’ve heard directly from our people that flexible work options and clear career pathing are important to them – we’re moving quickly to meet their needs.

Flexible Work

Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all – and the way we work is no different. We know that teams have unique needs depending on the nature of work, location of team members, and overall dynamic. That’s why at DoorDash, each team has the freedom to decide how they interact and achieve their goals.

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Some of our teams require you to be physically present in order to do your job effectively. For example, if you join DoorDash Labs, DashMart, or DoorDash Kitchens, you’ll be part of an engaging, fast-paced environment in person.


Most of our teams have embraced the hybrid work model. If you join one of these teams, you’ll be assigned an office – but your team will determine how often you come in. This is a great way to have the best of both worlds.


For some teams and roles, coming into the office is not required for the job. That means you can join us virtually from anywhere.

There’s never a convenient time to solve problems in a 24/7 business – so your journey won’t look like a typical 9-to-5.

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