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DoorDash Design

A sneak peek into what Design is like at DoorDash

This close-knit, powerhouse team finds innovative ways to connect consumers and merchants like never before

From creating solutions that make life easier to building functionality that increases engagement, you’ll help drive the way our brand interacts with the world. And you won’t do it alone. You’ll collaborate with engineers, designers, and operators to put smart ideas into motion.

Design Overview

At DoorDash, all our customers (Consumers, Dashers, and Merchants) are at the forefront of the product strategy. Being customer-obsessed is one of our core DoorDash values and is baked into the founding story of the company. We deeply believe that the best customer experience is synonymous with the success of our business in the long run. Design plays a critical thought partner role in all aspects of the problem-solving process.

Our Design Principles


We inspire users with unexpected magic and care. We have the best understanding of customers and are proud of what we ship.


The real world is complex. We have all the right details handled and scenarios considered.


Users rely on DoorDash with their livelihood and day-to-day needs. We earn users’ trust with every visit because we’re consistent, transparent, and reliable.


We are performant, intuitive, and able to quickly solve users’ needs. Users’ lives become easier and simpler because of DoorDash.

Our Design Structure

Consumer Design

The Consumer Design team creates the website and mobile app that millions of customers use daily to order a meal.

Restaurant delivery is at the heart of our business, but we’ve also expanded our service to meet additional user needs. Grocery delivery, restaurant pickup, and business catering have all been launched recently, and additional services are on the horizon.

Through the team’s hard work, we’re currently ranked as the #1 app in the Food & Drink category in the app store.

Dasher Design

DoorDash drivers (AKA Dashers) are at the heart of the company’s logistics business.

The Dasher Design team makes a massive impact on the millions of drivers’ experience throughout the full end-to-end lifecycle, from onboarding, scheduling, and delivery to tracking earnings and ratings.

Our mission is to help Dashers reach their financial goals through flexibility and stability.

Merchant Experience

The Merchant Design team creates user experiences that help our 550,000+ merchants grow and operate their businesses.

Our ultimate goal is to become an essential partner for every restaurant, whether helping them increase their sales and customer base, enhancing their in-store operations, or providing a menu of services beyond fulfillment.

Internal Tools

The Internal Tools team works on making sure our customer experience is the best in the business.

We are on a mission to design the most elegant, powerful, and sophisticated set of internal tools that launch operational productivity through the roof.

Design Jobs

San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY
San Francisco, CA; New York, NY
New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY
Job ID: 2728544
San Francisco, CA; Mountain View, CA; Seattle, WA; New York, NY

We’re hiring across the U.S. & Canada!

Nothing we do is one-size-fits-all – and the way we work is no different. We know that teams have unique needs depending on the nature of work, location of team members, and overall dynamic. That’s why at DoorDash, each team has the freedom to decide how they interact and achieve their goals.

Our Values In Action

Our values guide the way we work, inform everything we do, and make us unapologetically DoorDash.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

When everyone feels welcomed, supported, and valued, we’re able to achieve more than we ever thought possible. To help empower equal outcomes and “make room at the table” for everyone to participate, we have company-wide strategies and a holistic action plan in motion as we build a workforce reflective of our communities, our customers, and our values. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but our work is never done.

Employee Resource Groups

One of the ways we’re fostering a greater sense of belonging is through our employee resource groups (ERGs). They provide opportunities for us to connect and learn from one another, plus help us transform the way we think.

Click each logo below to learn more about our ERGs.

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