DoorDash invites kids to crash their parents’ calls on Bring Your Kids to Zoom Day

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At DoorDash, our Parents@ Employee Resource Group (ERG) was designed to connect and support working parents and caregivers of every background, in every phase of their caregiving journey. Many of us personally know the immense benefit of having a community where we can share experiences, support, and feedback. To create this inclusive and desirable environment, our Parents@ ERG hosts events and connection opportunities throughout the year, including its unique twist on the annual Bring Your Kids to Work Day.

As many of us continue to work from home, DoorDash and our Parents@ ERG invited children to intentionally join their parents’ zoom calls with a slew of events on Bring Your Kids to Zoom Day – a day designed to give kids an inside look into Life@ DoorDash.

We kicked things off with DoorDash leaders and parents coming together to discuss the experience of being a working parent at DoorDash and how they find support through the Parents@ ERG. Next, author Suzanne Lang joined us to read her book, “Grumpy Monkey”, followed by a coffee break with parents of young children who shared stories, swapped tips, and bonded over their experiences. Long-time Parents@ partner, Superkin, joined in on the festivities to present to the team on the hot topic of burnout and how to recognize causes, symptoms, and how to avoid and recover. Finally, to close out the afternoon, we hosted an interactive scavenger hunt, where families engaged by searching for items commonly found in their homes.

In addition to supporting parents and caregivers through networking and events, DoorDash is proud to offer a variety of family benefits in the United States, including the following:

  • 16 weeks of paid bonding leave for birthing and non-birthing new parents, inclusive of adoption and fostering
  • Access to childcare referral network and discount for care
  • Flexible vacation days for salaried employees

To learn more about how we’re supporting parents of all backgrounds and to learn more about career opportunities at DoorDash, click here.