How coming to Mexico City led to new opportunities at DoorDash for Sara Mejia

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Originating from El Salvador, Sara Mejia moved to Mexico City in search of new opportunities. Little did she know, she’d stumble upon what she calls the best decision of her professional career in joining DoorDash.

Almost 16 years removed from her first job in the training operations industry, Sara has worked in various positions, from sales to launching programs. But since the beginning, her heart has always been in training. 

Sara came to DoorDash last year as part of our training operations team, where she has owned her career development and worked toward enhancing the training opportunities offered in Mexico City. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to showcase what I’m capable of and focus my development on different areas. My supervisors have been enablers of my success and my No. 1 cheerleaders,” Sara said. “I feel at the right place here. At DoorDash, I know that I am heard. Sometimes, you go somewhere and you give feedback or your point of view, and it gets swept under the rug. 

“Here, everyone has been very transparent,” she continued. “We live the ‘one team, one fight,’ value. In operations, in HR, recruitment, we’re all on the same page and we’re pushing for the same objective. It’s truly been the best year of my career.”

Outside of the high-growth potential of working on the Mexico City team, the perks and benefits at DoorDash were a clear differentiator for Sara.

“The benefits offered at DoorDash are not the norm here in Mexico,” Sara said. “Having personal days, seeing how DoorDash values mental health with psychological support, and the fact that they also offer grocery vouchers are some benefits we’ve never experienced.”

And when it comes to work-life integration and flexibility in working hours, Sara sees DoorDash as a company that truly wants to see her at her best, not just at work, but with her family as well. 

“We work hard, we work fast, but we also are encouraged to own the time we have outside of work. When your shift is over, go get some rest, log off and enjoy your time away,” Sara said. “Work-life balance is not something I’ve experienced before. Our leaders are respectful when we’re away, when we take time off. Obviously there are exceptions, but it’s not the norm. Coming to DoorDash has been one of the best experiences ever and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the team.”

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