How DoorDash’s partnership with Women Who Code is empowering equal outcomes

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At DoorDash, we support team members with the tools to ensure that underrepresented identities and perspectives are valued and can thrive. We’ve taken intentional steps in all aspects of our hiring, pay equity and promotion efforts to empower equal outcomes.

While we have dedicated programs to support women employees internally, we’re also partnering with great organizations like Women Who Code, where together we’re pushing toward a world where women are proportionally represented as leaders, executives, board members, software engineers and more. 

Our very own Monica Blaylock joined Women Who Code CEO Alaina Percival last year to discuss her career growing up in Portugal, moving to San Francisco for an internship and eventually landing in Berlin as an Engineering Manager as part of the DoorDash team. 

For the longest time, Blaylock was resistant to moving into a management role with concerns she’d lose her technical prowess. When she finally did make the jump to management, she found the collaboration and ability to support others in their career journeys just as engaging as the hands-on coding she was accustomed to. Outside of the actual work, she recognized that finding the right company to support her as a working mother was also a top priority. And that’s where DoorDash fit in.

“My kids are all teenagers now, so I’m in a very different phase from other people that I work with,” Blaylock said. “What I’ve learned, in partnership with my husband, was finding the jobs that supported me in the different phases of being a mother. You have to have the right setting to succeed as a mother and as an engineer. It’s very important to be aligned so that you are happy in both roles, both are very important. We spend a lot of time at work so we want to feel accomplished but it’s also important to come home and feel happy and be a happy parent too.”

That support extends into the workplace as well, with a culture of opportunity to own your career growth.

“I’m a rock climber, and people sometimes say in order for you to see if you can do the move, you just have to visualize it. I think it’s the same thing in your career. If you see women in management, that empowers you,” Blaylock said. 

“As a woman in engineering, you have to own your career and really find your superpowers. Actually, this is something that Tony (Xu), our CEO once said, and I never thought about. I was so focused on what I wasn’t doing well that I had to improve. No, find your superpowers and double down on that. Optimize for success.”

Don’t forget to join us this year at Women Who Code’s premier developer conference, CONNECT Recharge, on May 26, to learn more from a diverse group of speakers about their technical expertise.

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