DoorDash elevates the office experience with new Washington, D.C. space

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After opening our reimagined office in New York just a few months ago, we’ve continued to invest in creating spaces that meet the distinct needs of our teams with our latest office opening in Washington, D.C. Built from feedback on what matters most when our employees come into the office, we leaned into solutions to increase collaboration among DoorDash employees and external partners.  

A key element in designing the space was enhancing the ability to host a wide range of events. The space boasts a combination of a cafe and an event space, as well as two distinct team gathering areas large enough to host visitors, local onsites, and encourage maximum collaboration across teams. With a multitude of furniture configurations, the space accommodates our flexible workplace design principles, emphasizing the variety of work points and space types to support any number of work activities, including our first ever sit/stand conference table. 

For those needing to work heads down, we also have two designated Do Not Disturb focus rooms, as well as conference rooms with built-in acoustic panels, offering increased privacy and a reduction of outside noise to those spaces.

“I'm so proud to showcase DoorDash's newest corporate office to the elected officials, stakeholders, and partners who are a crucial part of our policy work. 

“DoorDash employees across departments are now able to come together and collaborate in a shared space that reflects our company and its values. This new office further inspires us to Be An Owner of our outcomes and I look forward to how various teams will incorporate this space into their daily work.”
Carrianna Suiter Kuruvilla, Head of Federal Government Relations

DoorDash-inspired graphics highlight the space, custom designed internally to showcase a distinct but subdued connection to our other offices. The values posters that line the mezzanine floor offer a nod back to our San Francisco and Tempe spaces. And the front entry glass and staircase wrap emanate the line work and shapes of the kitchen backsplash tile we have in our Seattle office. 

At DoorDash, we believe great work can be done anywhere. Rather than requiring employees to work in an office for a set number of days, we recognize that elements of both in-person and remote work will differ depending on how distributed each team is, and the nature of each team’s work. This space is well-designed to fulfill the needs of our Flexible Workplace Model, which gives our people the ability to decide how they want to leverage remote work and time spent together in-person, solving complex problems, learning within a community, and celebrating wins together.

With the reimagined Washington, D.C. office space, we look forward to introducing compelling and collaborative in-person experiences that meet the various needs of our teams.

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