DoorDash enhances New York presence with new office opening

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At DoorDash, we foster a culture of innovation, tackling new challenges across our business to quickly build, test, and learn. This outlook underpins everything we do, including how we reimagined our New York office space to fit the needs of the teams who help our culture flourish.

Built from feedback around what local employees told us mattered most to them, we landed on our new 57,691-square-foot space right in the heart of the Flatiron district. At three times the size of our previous office, this space has key features that incorporate our flexible workplace design principles, emphasizing the variety of work points and space types to support any number of work activities.

With plenty of natural sunlight, an outdoor rooftop terrace, and the stunning views of Madison Square Park, the space balances the diverse array of our team’s needs, featuring everything from reservable private spaces designed for focused work to open gathering spaces big enough for team onsites.   

The open floor plan caters to the collaborative in-person experiences we plan to build in our New York office space, which features a cafe and large capacity all hands event space, sit/stand workstations, and a designated training space. This flexible space also includes plenty of room for confidential work, with phone booths, meeting rooms, and dedicated Do Not Disturb focus areas.

"One of the things that makes New York special is its diversity of backgrounds, industries, and local businesses. Our New York office reflects this diversity; we have teammates from every team and function at DoorDash represented. We are excited to open a collaborative space of our own, deepen DoorDash's roots in the city, and further enable our teammates to do our very best work for merchants, Dashers, and our community." 
- Katie Egan, Chief of Staff at DoorDash (New York, NY) 

At DoorDash, we believe great work can be done anywhere. Rather than requiring employees to work in an office for a set number of days, we recognize that elements of both in-person and remote work will differ depending on how distributed each team is, and the nature of each team’s work. This space is well-designed to fulfill the needs of our Flexible Workplace Model, which gives our people the ability to decide how they want to leverage remote work and time spent together in-person, solving complex problems, learning within a community, and celebrating wins together.

With the reimagined New York office space, we look forward to introducing compelling and collaborative in-person experiences that meet the various needs of our teams.

Click here to learn more about our Flexible Workplace Model and what it’s like to work at DoorDash.

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