DoorDash invests in Employee Resource Groups by compensating leaders

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As part of our efforts to create a workplace that engages people of all backgrounds while fostering an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a vital role in building and driving the culture that our people experience. Because of their significance in shaping what life at DoorDash is like, we are proud to announce that leadership positions across our eight official ERGs — Women, Pride, Parents, AAPI (Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander), Black, Unidos, Indigenous, and Veterans — will now receive compensation for their time and invaluable contributions.

“Employee Resource Groups are deeply important to the foundation of our culture. This work takes thought, effort, and dedication as our leaders tackle business problems and help their communities thrive. Investing in underrepresented talent is critical to us serving our employees and customers better and creating a truly equitable workplace.”
- Vanessa Chui, Manager of Employee Connections at DoorDash

In continuing to build and shape our company’s culture, we understand the deep investment our teams have made in making our cornerstone programs something that we're extremely proud of. Since ERGs launched at DoorDash, over 50 percent of our employees have joined a virtual Slack community, connecting employees all over the world. While 90% of significant US employers have ERGs, recent studies show that at most, only roughly 6% of ERG employee leaders are compensated for their time. 

"A big part of why I love working at DoorDash is the sense of belonging I've found here - especially through my involvement with the Women@ ERG! It's what motivated me to take on a more active role as Community Engagement Lead," said Nikhita Pai, Senior Program Manager of Learning and Development at DoorDash. "While being in this position has given me so much fulfillment and joy, it involves intentional work, effort, and time that I set aside outside of my day-to-day responsibilities. It has meant the world to be seen, recognized, and compensated for that labor and is further proof that DoorDash truly cares about its employees. I am so proud to be a culture carrier for a company that invests in its people and is committed to pay equity. I've never felt happier at work and am honored to be in a position where I can help others feel the same!"

The leaders of our ERGs help drive our company culture, serving as educational resources and communities for all employees. Thanks to a strong employee-driven culture, ERGs have played a critical role in helping our employees be seen and heard no matter where they sit in our organization. 

"As the Executive Sponsor of the Veterans@ DoorDash ERG, I’m incredibly proud of the engagement and new programs we’ve built to support the veteran community. From implementing an employee Walk for Warriors event, with funds raised going to the Wounded Warrior Project, to hosting their first ever Hire Heroes event, targeting veterans entering the workforce after their service, the work our ERGs do is invaluable to our company and community. Compensating leaders of all our ERGs helps them transform such initiatives, from ideas to reality."
- Tom Pickett, Executive Sponsor of the Veterans@ DoorDash ERG and Chief Revenue Officer of DoorDash

From our Parents@ ERG joining together during the baby formula shortage to connect those in need to those with excess supply, to our Pride@ ERG contributing significant efforts to help us achieve the designation of being a “Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality” by the Human Rights Campaign, our employee-led groups have created dedicated moments and programs to support and positively impact our people. 

The success of our ERGs has even led to the creation of a new program called DoorDash Connections, which personalizes the candidate experience and provides better insight into what Life at DoorDash is like by connecting prospective candidates with ambassadors from our ERGs through Zoom calls.

"In today's market, candidates are increasingly looking for a company with a good culture, a focus on DEI, and support for those in traditionally marginalized communities. With DoorDash Connections, we have an incredible opportunity to engage candidates earlier on and provide insight into those areas,” said Theresa Avila, Lead Recruiter at DoorDash. “A call with an ERG member could make a huge difference in someone's decision to join DoorDash, and we've already seen early success with one candidate speaking with someone from our Women@ ERG, then signing their offer immediately after that conversation. We're very excited to see this program grow." 

Leadership roles across our ERGs will continue to open opportunities and provide a platform for our employees who identify as people of color, women, nonbinary, and those from other underrepresented identities to demonstrate leadership skills, propel their professional development, and earn additional compensation. 

Systemic change takes thought, effort, dedication, and it does not go unnoticed. At DoorDash, we believe in our people and will continually look for ways that we can empower and support them.

Join our growing team by checking out open roles on our careers site and learn more about how we’re making room at the table as part of our inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report.

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