How WeDash became the flagship employee program for DoorDash

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DoorDash is a data-driven company. We’ve always focused on the lowest level of details in order to create the best experience for the end user — whether that’s our partner merchants, their customers, or Dashers who fulfill deliveries through our platform.

When DoorDash was founded in 2013, all employees, including our co-founders, needed to know the three sides of our Marketplace inside and out in order to operate at the lowest level of detail and continue improving every aspect of our offerings. Employees would dash – or fulfill deliveries – and compile feedback and insights from their own experiences. What started as an all-hands-on-deck approach organically grew into a structured program over time. By 2015, we formalized this feedback model into WeDash.

Read more about Co-Founder and Head of Consumer Engineering, Andy Fang’s personal experience as part of the WeDash program in his recent interview with Financial Times.

To this day, that perspective, understanding, and appreciation of the experiences gained while participating in the WeDash program remains. The WeDash program empowers our team members by bringing each of us closer to the experiences of the merchant, consumer, and Dasher communities.

What is the WeDash program?

Through the flagship WeDash program, our salaried U.S., Canada, and Australia employees collectively use our Dasher app to complete deliveries and support existing merchants, giving them consistent and direct exposure to the technology we build to support our three-sided Marketplace. WeDash is a culture-driving initiative that also offers opportunities for our employees and teams to build trust and relationships through in-person collaboration.

More recently, we expanded the program to include WeSupport, in which employees shadow Customer Experience agents as they solve customer support cases in real time. WeSupport offers our employees an ongoing opportunity to peek behind the curtain and shadow our customer support teammates as they work to resolve issues and hear directly from our customers.

Participating in our WeDash program allows employees to look deeper into how the products we build empower local economies, which in turn helps us build a better platform.

How WeDash reflects the culture at DoorDash

The WeDash program centers on our Customer obsessed mindset and allows us to demonstrate Bias for action in identifying, understanding and escalating the toughest challenges faced by our merchants, Dashers, and consumers. It allows us to Be an owner of the products and logistical infrastructure that powers our platform, Operate at the lowest level of detail, and constantly Think outside the room as our teams work to solve these challenges.

No matter what team you sit on or which city you work from, the common language spoken at DoorDash is dashing. From team members meeting each other for the first time via a dash or our employees using their existing meetings to chat and dash together, WeDash has been a significant connector among our teams in our flexible work environment. Thanks to this program, our people have developed a true sense of connection, understanding, and pride in our business.

Whether employees are dashing and discovering local merchants in a new city, providing feedback to solve an issue they witnessed first-hand, or if our CEO is sharing feedback from his WeDash experiences to address specific areas of opportunity, these collective experiences get our people closer to our customers and help in making DoorDash 1% better every day.

If you are the kind of person who is excited about taking ownership and helping us grow our business through experiences like the WeDash program, we’re hiring. You can find and apply to one of our open roles here.

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