DoorDash and our Parents@ ERG celebrate Family Month

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This April, alongside our Parents@ Employee Resource Group, we’re honoring our full spectrum of family experiences with Family Month. 

During Family Month, we’ll take time to celebrate the joys, recognize the challenges, and showcase the invaluable contributions of parents and caregivers. We’ll also take time to  highlight the benefits and support systems available to our DoorDash community.

As we celebrate Family Month, we’re hosting a series of in-person and virtual events kicking off with a Fireside Chat with our General Counsel and Parents@ executive sponsor Tia Sherringham, our Chief People Officer Mariana Garavaglia, and our Chief Marketing Officer Kofi Amoo-Gottfried. As part of the chat, we’ll cover topics like navigating the intricacies of balancing family and career and how caretaking has impacted the way we approach and tackle problems.

We’ll take a virtual deep dive on family leave and benefits at DoorDash, host a joint coffee chat between our Parents@ and Able@ ERGs with an open conversation focusing on Autism Acceptance Month, and an in-office parent social in our Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Tempe, and San Francisco offices. 

Throughout the month we’ll also host a local book drive in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Tempe, New York, and San Francisco to support local libraries, schools, and organizations. 

On April 25, we’ll culminate Family Month with Bring Your Family Members to Work Day, a unique opportunity to bring family members to select offices and share a glimpse into our DoorDash lives with them.

At DoorDash, our Parents@ ERG is a supportive resource for working parents and caregivers personally and professionally, building a community to share experiences, support, and feedback, and making DoorDash an inclusive and desirable workplace for caregivers of every background. Learn more about working at DoorDash and how we’re working to make everyone feel welcomed, supported, and valued. 

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