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DoorDash Expands Engineering Footprint to Los Angeles

July 22, 2021


Caglar Oner

I am pleased to announce DoorDash’s newest engineering office, located in Los Angeles, showing our commitment to the second largest city in the US, and one of the most diverse places in the world! We believe LA’s approximately 25,000 restaurants represent unlimited opportunities for DoorDash. The growth potential in LA will be matched by the size of this new office’s engineering workforce, which will support mission critical aspects of our business. We are looking for qualified engineers of all levels to join our team in LA. 

Our mission critical focus: DoorDash’s financial infrastructure 

A significant part of our platform involves ensuring reliable and secure payments. Customers should be able to pay for their deliveries in whatever form they prefer, while merchants and Dashers (our term for delivery drivers) receive their earnings as promptly as possible. Ensuring efficient, scalable, accurate, and reliable financial transactions is a mission critical part of the DoorDash platform. The LA engineering office will be at the center of that universe for DoorDash’s worldwide business. Additionally, the LA office will be responsible for expanding DoorDash’s business to exciting new verticals and products. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the teams that will comprise the DoorDash LA office. 

Money Products team 

The Money Products team has one of the biggest impacts on our customers as it focuses on making payments through the DoorDash platform as easy as possible. This team’s work affects virtually every DoorDash user and helps delight and retain customers through increased convenience. The Money Products team also makes it easier for Dashers and merchants to secure the revenue they receive when using the platform. The Money Products team designs and implements new and innovative programs that will have an immediate, real-life impact on DoorDash users by facilitating access to and payment for services. For example, with our DasherDirect prepaid debit card Dashers get paid daily, earn 2% cash back on all gas purchases, and can easily manage their money and rewards via a mobile banking app. 

Money Platform team 

While the Money Products team focuses on payment methods and user experience, the Money Platform team builds and operates a software platform to manage the daily transactions made through DoorDash. Every month, millions of people order food from DoorDash using different credit cards, resulting in billions of dollars in gross order volume. The Money Platform team ensures that each transaction executes securely, efficiently, and accurately, with money moved to the correct accounts seamlessly. This core team supports the DoorDash business model globally.  


An exciting aspect of working for a fast-growing company like DoorDash is the ability to work on new and innovative projects. We are excited to be building this totally new product that will reinvent sending gifts, making the process faster, cheaper, and more convenient. One of the opportunities in joining the LA office is being able to create something totally new that will delight our customers. 

By joining the LA office, you will not only join a hyper-growth company but also help set DoorDash’s LA office culture. Our team is growing quickly and we are looking for talented engineers from diverse backgrounds who have a passion for impact.

If the opportunity to build financial products and new features for DoorDash interests you, come join us today!

Check out our open roles:

Software Engineer, Product (all levels)

Engineering Manager, Gifting 

Header photo by Cedric Letsch on Unsplash.

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