Whether you’re looking to catapult your current career or hoping to pivot to a new adventure that challenges you, the job search can feel daunting. For some, making a change might also feel risky. So when Laney Erokan was contacted about an exciting new role at DoorDash, she almost passed on the opportunity. She already enjoyed her job, felt supported as a person and professional, and loved her colleagues. Then she met the DoorDash team. 

Today, Laney is the Internal Communications team’s newest hire. She’s focused on people and culture communications, helping employees understand what the People team is doing to make DoorDash the place where every employee can do the very best work of their careers. We caught up with Laney during her first 90 days to hear the details of her hiring process, from discovering the role to signing her offer letter. Read on to learn what to expect from DoorDash as you research, interview, follow up, and everything in between.

Operate at the Lowest Level of Detail 

Laney started her research on the DoorDash Careers page. She was looking for more than just shiny benefits and company name recognition. After reading employee quotes, blog posts, and our Belonging page, she got a feel for the opportunities that inspire people to join DoorDash, as well as the challenges inherent to a growing company. “I read the entire careers site, and I’m a pretty savvy consumer since I’ve written lots of careers site blog posts myself. I can read between the lines and understand what people actually mean,” she says.

Laney was especially inspired to learn that DoorDash hires team members from a range of backgrounds beyond tech. She knew her path had been winding—her career history includes a stint as a music journalist and time spent teaching middle school—but she was reassured after reading blog posts about how DoorDash welcomes candidates who bring unique perspectives. 

Team members who thrive here know how to lead, move quickly, and adapt on the fly. They commit to collaboration, push themselves to improve, and constantly explore possibilities for DoorDash and themselves. Read more about our core values here

Questions to ask yourself when researching DoorDash:

  • Can you prioritize equity over equality? (Not sure of the difference? Read Equity and Equality Are Not Equal from The Education Trust.)
  • At DoorDash, you may never feel “caught up.” Instead, you’ll constantly learn new ways to work and you’ll be pushed to continually improve. Do you have the humility to learn on the job every day?
  • We move quickly. Could you see yourself being able to flex and adapt to our “bias for action” culture?
  • Do you need formal structure and process, or are you comfortable navigating your own path?

Apply for the Job

Once you’ve explored our careers page and found a position that feels like a fit, submit your resume. Be sure to highlight your experience that relates to the job description, and don’t forget to tell us what excites you most about a career at DoorDash! If your background aligns with the team’s needs, a recruiter will contact you for an exploratory conversation. Now is the time to find answers to your most pressing questions. Who will you report to? Will you collaborate with other teams? How much access will you have to leadership? What are your opportunities for growth?  

DoorDash Principal Recruiter Kimberly Butler became Laney’s guide throughout her recruiting process. “Recruiters at DoorDash are empowered to be themselves; they advocate for candidates, and they never felt like recruiting robots,” says Laney. The personal connection she built with Kimberly helped her feel comfortable sharing her need for flexibility. As a working mom, she wanted to make sure her new team would understand that parenting was her priority. “The leader of my potential future team told me, ‘Whatever you need. We want you to be supported. You are a person first.’ They made me feel really taken care of from the beginning,” she says.

Laney also knew that in order to grow in her career, she needed a challenging next step. “At this stage in my career, I want to make sure I’m making intentional career moves and choosing roles I would like to grow in for a long time,” she says. DoorDash worked with her to fine tune the job description to a role that felt challenging and in line with her internal communications experience. “They recognized that I was the candidate they wanted, so we had a really honest conversation about what I would need to make a change. Don’t hesitate to be direct and to ask questions about salary range and job title—DoorDash listened to me, and we agreed on a position that felt like a really exciting next opportunity.”

Questions to ask yourself when applying to DoorDash:

  • You’ll never hear “that’s not my job” at DoorDash. Can you solve big strategic problems while also doing the day-to-day work to keep things moving?
  • Do you gain energy from tackling the problems no one else can solve? 
  • Are you comfortable with uncertainty and shifting priorities?
  • Do you listen openly to others’ voices who may not agree with yours? 

Nail the Interview

Once you pass the initial screen, you’ll be connected with a recruiting coordinator to set up time to meet the team. You’ll sign an NDA and have a chance to ask additional questions. Then—once you’ve made sure Zoom is installed—it’s time for your first interviews. 

In our “new normal” of remote work, interviewing has changed. “It was intimidating to know that my entire interview process would take place on Zoom, but the recruiters made everything easy,” says Laney. As for the actual interviews? “Kimberly shared in advance that each person would cover a specific topic in our conversation, and that really helped me prepare. I could tell that each person had done their research in advance. They asked really thoughtful questions, and the more people I spoke to, the more I could imagine myself working with the team.” 

Be prepared to put your experience into action based on the role you’re applying for. Laney completed a sample assignment related to her role as an Internal Comms lead. Her prompt? Help the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team ask employees to self-identify their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and more within their private company profiles. And Laney ran with the challenge, writing a major communication campaign to encourage a high rate of employee participation and ensuring that the team had accurate data to inform DoorDash’s DEI strategy. “I love that the assignment felt relevant to my future role, and I was able to explain my process and goals to the team, which allowed me to showcase my writing and communication skills,” says Laney. 

Questions to ask yourself when interviewing with DoorDash:

  • Every DoorDash problem is our problem. Do you have the ability to hold two opposing ideas? Can you hold your direct reports, peers, manager, and leaders accountable without placing blame? 
  • Do you find value in admitting your mistakes or being honest when things get hard?
  • Do you find yourself wishing that people stayed in their lanes, or do you welcome collaboration?

Don’t Forget the Follow-Up  

Waiting to hear from a recruiter can feel like an eternity, but be assured: DoorDash recruiters will keep you informed with a clear timeline and updates on next steps. We recommend sending personal thank you emails to everyone you met with, and including a specific detail from your conversation goes a long way. Send these emails directly to your recruiter, and they’ll send them along to the right person.

“The interview process is a bit like dating,” Laney says. “After getting to know each other, discussing long-term goals, and compensation conversations, it’s time to commit. And recruiters are there to help you navigate the process. Kimberly and I were in constant contact, and I felt like I was her priority. She made me feel safe and taken care of all the way until I signed my offer letter.”

Laney’s parting words of wisdom for anyone contemplating a new adventure at DoorDash? “I’ve learned never to turn down a conversation, even if you’re happy at your job. Every new opportunity I’ve been given has come from a conversation I didn't think I was ready to have,” she says.  

If you’re ready to join an industry-leading, fast-moving organization and embrace the opportunity to grow your career, DoorDash may be the place for you. Explore our open roles and follow the tips above to get started. Still have questions? Read our Working @ DoorDash guide to see how our values come to life every day. 

Want to learn more about your first 90 days at DoorDash? Listen to our new hire podcast episode below!