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DoorDash is living GHC 2022’s ‘Next is Now’ mantra

October 21, 2022


Raj Prashad

At DoorDash, we take intentional efforts to recruit, empower, and retain team members from underrepresented communities, ensuring their perspectives are valued and they can thrive. As a company, we’ve also taken intentional steps in all aspects of our hiring, pay equity, and promotion efforts to empower equal outcomes.

While we have dedicated programs to support women and non-binary employees internally, we’re also partnering with great organizations like AnitaB and its Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) as we strive toward a more equitable world. 

"When talking about DoorDash, I always lead with how great the company culture is, how inclusive DoorDash is and the impact someone’s work can have on the company. As a Latina woman who happens to also be a veteran it can be hard at times to find a seat at the table where you also have a voice. DoorDash has given that to me."
- Dani Miranda-Erskine, Technical University Recruiter

Since its founding, GHC has become the world’s largest gathering for women and non-binary individuals in technical roles, bringing together professionals from all levels of experience to network, professionally develop, and find their place in tech. As a sponsor at the event this year, DoorDash had a heavy presence, offering opportunities to engage with our leaders at a conference booth, through dedicated workshop conversations, and at a happy hour event that included a fireside chat with our VP of Engineering, Ryan Sokol. 

In addition to learning what life at DoorDash is like for dozens of team members across our engineering organization, attendees heard from Divyashree Joshi, Merisa Lee, Hien Luu, and Hima Bindu Maguluri, where they shared industry guidance and insights, ranging from simulating cybersecurity incident responses to how we apply machine learning to a look at the technology behind autonomously driving robots. 

"DoorDash allows you to take on as much ownership as you want, so the professional growth opportunities are definitely there. There are opportunities to lead projects, to discover new ideas and have them be heard and potentially implemented, and there are opportunities to create a space for yourself that will help you grow in your own unique way."
- Ayanna Kosoko, Design Technologist, iOS

At our happy hour event, the DoorDash team shared our vision for representation and our progress toward 2025 commitments, with more than a third of our U.S. team coming from underrepresented people of color, 40 percent of our global leadership identifying as women or non-binary people, and how we’ve increased the number of hires from underrepresented backgrounds by 12 percent. Ryan also spoke to the importance of events like GHC, why support for women in tech is necessary for creating equal outcomes, and shared insights from his personal experiences early in his career that shaped the leader he is today. 

"Professional development opportunities were critical in leading me to where I am today. It was important that a company invest in early talent and thankfully, I was given a chance early on, and I’ve parlayed that experience to grow my career to where I am today.

“And that’s why DoorDash is at GHC — to demonstrate our commitment to investing in women and underrepresented talent by connecting with those who are early in their careers and giving them the opportunity to parlay this experience to grow beyond what they thought was possible."
- Ryan Sokol, VP of Engineering

While GHC 2022 is wrapped up, our work doesn’t stop here. We’re hiring innovators to help us build the next great product at DoorDash. If you’re excited about the opportunities to work on impactful projects, own your career growth, and to be part of the future of DoorDash, check out open positions today.

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